Thursday, November 9, 2017

Justin's Birthday

Sunday was Justin's birthday. Friday night I got a sitter and I picked Justin up from work. We drove to Gig Harbor for some birthday shenanigans. First stop was dinner at The Gourmet Burger Shop. It is a small shop but I loved the food and my Dr. Pepper was yumm!

From there we went to a shopping area near the theater where we were going to see Thor: Ragnarok - I am the ultimate wife to endure this decade of comic book movie blech. We walked around Home Goods until it was time to grab our seats. We love this theater because the seats are really wide, and the chairs recline with a leg rest! It made the movie more endurable...I actually ended up kinda liking it so it wasn't all bad. And my Dr. Pepper kept me awake.

Sunday I invited Justin's family over for apple crisp (thank you Mitzi for the recipe!) and ice cream, complete with caramel sauce. His family got him a few gifts, including a drone. Thank you Jon! I have tried twice now to buy him a drone for a gift and I am just not nerdy enough to understand all the parts that are needed so both times have been a waste of money. So now Justin gets to play with his new drone. Emmett HATES it! He screams mad fury when it starts flying.

I took Emmett to the park to play today before the rain came in. We have had a glorious fall! He is so brave/adventurous. He came down the big-kid slide face forward today! He normally comes down he's getting more daring. He continues to climb all over - now he can reach the top of the piano, and he climbed on top of the dresser with the TV the other day! He is so fun.

And we are so excited to add another BOY to the mix in March! Justin and I ran the Halloween party for the ward for the 3rd time in a row and I am declaring the LAST time! But we did our best to make it a party for all. My costume was a gender reveal which didn't get a decent picture, but it revealed our baby BOY's gender. I am so excited for Emmett to have a little brother. I am 24 weeks along so we are cruising right through this pregnancy.

Other pictures and videos of our ultimate life

It snowed on Sunday - and was actually cold enough to stick. Emmett enjoyed the snowflakes

He luuuurves blueberries

Check out that sunrise: this is Justin's view at work.

my other videos won't upload right now for some reason. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

15 months old

Our baby is growing up so fast. I am loving this stage so much. Emmett is talking up a storm! His little voice is soooo cute. His screams are not! Here are some things he's been saying

- Thank you
- I did it
- What's that?
- doggy
- uh-oh (anytime he drops something)
- google (thank you google home)
- up

He is signing away as well. Thanks to Justin who teaches him the most sign language with the help of chocolate pudding during their training sessions.

- yes
- more
- please
- thank you
- what/where

When he is wanting something and we don't know what we can sign to him "what/where" and he will point to what he wants. He is getting better at his climbing skills. I'm not looking forward to when he can get himself up on the kitchen table... he loves to sit next to Justin or me when we are playing the piano and bang away at the keys.

We have had the most gorgeous fall: sunny days nearly every day this October! The leaves have been brilliant red, yellow, and orange. Today on our Sunday walk we noticed the red leaves by the elementary school have already all fallen off. Justin cleaned out the gutters Saturday from all the leaves we get.

In other news, I went to Leavenworth for a MK retreat last weekend. As a new director I gave a speech Saturday night and also got to teach one of the classes for training the consultants. We had a NSD from San Antonio come Terri Schaffer so that was special for us since we don't have a National. the weather was very rainy and it snowed Saturday night, but it was so so beautiful as well. We had 100 consultants and 15 directors attend.

Justin and I are preparing to throw our ward Halloween party on Tuesday. More on that to follow. And right now I am 22 weeks pregnant, so 5 months! 4 to go oh my goodness.... we can't wait! Enjoy the pictures!

Our house looks good from the neighbors view!
 love when he falls asleep...precious boy

we went to a Christmas bazaar in Tacoma and stopped at the freight house for some food - these waffles were amazing!

We got Emmett these pjs at the bazaar - the bum says "bear cheeks"

 cousin love at costco
these two are 9 months apart

 pretty good stacking!

I love when Justin captures these moments. He's so big!

he's the most handome lad in all the land

 little lumberjack

too bad he won't leave a hat on... he looks so cute with this beanie!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

October Update

Last Sunday our stake had new ward boundary changes. 18 months ago we absorbed another ward and this time they split our ward. Last time we lost people but gained some new people: this time we just lost people! They created a new ward in our stake taking many of my friends to the new Woodland ward, but that's okay because now I get to make new friends! Our ward is super old, however...and now it is even older! I think there is one other baby Emmett's age. Sigh. It's like being in Lost River ward, but with more old people lol.

I got a new calling with the changes - hallelujah! No more cub scouts for me! I'll miss doing ward parties, however. We will finish Halloween and then be done, but I'm now serving in the young women. I'm excited for a change, and do you know how awesome it is to have 20+ girls want to hold your baby 3rd hour? Today was my first day and it was great! It won't be too much of a change since I was already committing to Tuesday nights with scouts.

Emmett had a stuffy nose this week. That's been fun! He's had a rough go with sleep, waking up in the middle of the night needing snuggles to go back to sleep. But if I can get him to take his two naps, he usually will sleep fine. He's just been fighting that second nap so yeah - that's been great.

I do a babysitting swap with my friend Miriam - I take Teddy for an hour a week and she takes Emmett. It's fun taking Emmett to their play room. I need to find a way to do this in our house!

So far Emmett's vocabulary consists of:
What's that?
Thank you
He can sign:
Please, more, hot, what/where, and he'll point to whatever item he wants you to give him
He's got two teeth on the bottom with four on top and more coming in the back. 

 new Batman sweater complete with bat ears