Sunday, May 27, 2018

Mother's Day Surprise

It's been a few weeks now since Mother's Day, but we had a special one this year that needs documenting. Weeks ago I was telling Justin I was missing my Beal family, and he suggested we go visit for Mother's Day. So I called Dad to see if they would even be around that weekend and he said they would be. So we did a crazy thing and Thursday morning the 10th we got up at 3:30, and at 4:00 loaded our two littles into the car and set off! We made amazing time actually. I got us to Yakima and Justin took over until the Blue Mountains and I took over until we got into Boise. We got there is 8 hours and only stopped once for gas. We took a break and grabbed some Chick Fil A to eat at the park. Emmett enjoyed chasing the ducks for a bit, but the weather was cold and windy so we didn't stay very long. We downloaded some "Llama Llama" episodes onto the ipad and gave that to Emmett to enjoy between Boise and Arco. Justin and I ate our weight in peanut m&m's and he had an audiobook to listen to for the long drive. We pulled into Mom and Dad's house right at 6:00 PM. I knew Mom wouldn't recognize our car since it is "new" (we bought Keith and Gerda's old car - a 2005 Chrystler Pacifica). As we pulled in she was on the back patio headed to the four-wheeler and man I wish I was filming because her face went from, "Don't bug me" to surpsie and shock! So fun!

So we spent Friday-Sunday with Mom and Dad. The weather was the worst - growing up there my whole life I remember one summer (2009) when it rained like crazy and the river came back and it rained similar to that over the weekend we decided to visit! But we managed to enjoy ourselves and Emmett didn't go too crazy. He loved Mom and Dad's balls and was pretty content to bounce the basketball around. Friday we managed to get Mom's garden planted before the rain set in, though Dad wasn't as lucky with his crops. Mom and I made a few trips to the A&A to pass time, and we did watch some really good movies each night. I totally loved "The Glass Castle." Saturday morning we helped clean the church and Trisha came out to visit with us which I was grateful for. I enjoyed showing Emmett the trampoline, cows, and horses and taking him on drives on the four-wheeler when it wasn't a downpour. Sunday we went to Sacrament Meeting and then came home to eat Sunday dinner. Mom and Dad headed back to their 3rd hour meetings and we loaded up the car and left. That night the Beal siblings gathered at Gabe and Christy's - Christy made a ton of delicious food which was so generous of her! All at 39 weeks pregnant and scheduled to deliver a baby that week! We are so grateful to her for opening their place for us to gather so we could see everyone. We enjoyed Christy's food and Gabe's fire until the thunderstorm brought us inside. We left Gabe's at about 8:00 and drove to Pendleton to get a hotel for the night. We got back home around noon on Monday.

A tribute to my mom is how faithful a woman she is to the gospel. I sing to Emmett at bedtime, usually "I am a Child of God" but sometimes I mix it up and sing "A Child's Prayer" or "Love is Spoken Here." As I sing the words, "I see my mother kneeling..." I remember seeing my mother kneeling. I remember seeing Mom pray in her room, and I remember seeing her study the scriptures. I remember family prayer, and I remember how on Sundays you could always catch Mom studying her next Sunday School lesson, immersed in the scriptures. I remember family scripture study. We rarely missed a day. As I teach my young family the gospel, I think, "Do my kids see their mother kneeling?" So much more is caught than is taught, and I caught so many valuable lessons from my mom. I hope I can be strong and unapologetic about my faith as she is. When I think of my mom and her example, I think of Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

Other than our Idaho visit not too much has happened for us. We can't believe Justin has been working with Aaron for almost 6 months now! Logan is coming up on the 3 month mark and he is a big boy! At two months old we moved him into 3-6 month clothes, and right now is fitting into clothes that Emmett wore at 4-5 months. He is our sweet baby boy. He is such a SMILEY baby! He coos at me and smiles a lot more than Emmett did. Emmett is learning more words all the time. My favorite things I love to hear him say are:
thank you
and most recently "amen" at the end of our prayers. Justin likes when he says
I'm sorry
and of course, ball.

I wish I could freeze my kids at this stage for a while. I am just loving this season of my life and every day it gets better. We are blessed beyond measure.

Monday, April 30, 2018

8 weeks

Logan is such a happy baby. He pretty much only cries when he is hungry or has a burp we have trouble getting out. He is just happy to be around, which is wonderful considering his brother is all over the place. 

Emmett is talking SO MUCH. I swear the other day he said "'go away" when I walked up to clean off his breakfast tray. Ok dude... Justin swears he heard him say, "I want more please" - he is getting it! We're working on teaching him Logan's name (he's still just "baby") and "I love you." We're also signing with him more so he can communicate when he's feeling frustrated about something he wants and we don't know what it is. We had 3 glorious warm SUMMER days (up in the 80's!) last week and we enjoyed going for walks, playing at several different parks, and hanging out on the porch.

I ordered and finished "Protecting the Gift" this week after Mitzi posted about it. Such a critical read. Our 5th Sunday discussion was on abuse today - it is absolutely a topic we can't turn a blind eye to as parents and assume it wouldn't happen to our kid, in our family, in this neighborhood, etc. I trust no one! Lol...not entirely true, but I absolutely trust my gut and am unapologetic for it, thank you very much.

I finished 21 days fix and am now doing the 21 day fix extreme for (you guessed it) the next 21 days. I'm on day 4 tomorrow. I took before pictures and weighed myself - I won't weigh myself again until the full 21 days are over and I'll take pictures to see if I notice a difference. I don't have a sense of urgency about losing my baby weight because if I do, I get too obsessive and there's no joy in that - so I'm just letting it come off on its own, with time, exercise, and a little self control. Justin is training for a marathon at the end of June so it helps that we both are working toward our fitness goals.

I am just so FULL of gratitude for my life! I love my babies, my husband, and my every day. There is so much joy in raising these babies. We have such a unique season with Justin working from home - with this new business opportunity we have had to adjust schedules and budgets but the sacrifices are worth it to both be so present in our boys' lives.

Mom sent me this outfit - adorable boy!

I just love the newborn stage so much

We took the fam to the spring fair

He is holding a stick yelling "balll!" - because ball is life for this kid

some of the sharp gals in my unit at our red jacket rally

love this sweater!

Christy sent this adorable sleeper

best seat in the house

oh man...the other day he had a blowout and it was while I was on a walk with a friend. It was one of those defining mom moments of get as much poop off the kid to get him in his car seat without making a mess while you are also running out of baby wipes....we got him home, bathed, disinfected, and mommy took a breather while he caught up on his favorite - llama llama

we've not been able to gather a group to play ultimate with us on thursday nights but we still enjoy getting out - of course, no matter how many balls we bring for Emmett to play with, he just wants to chase after everyone else's soccer or basketballs at the park

such a mama's boy. Logan also smiles A TON - more than I remember Emmett ever smiling.

Monday, April 16, 2018

1 month

A little over one month, (5 weeks) but this kid is growing a ton! He is 11 pounds 11 oz! He's gained over 3 pounds in less than 6 weeks! He's way above in weight and height which is fun. It is in no way an indicator of a superior baby but it just makes me FEEL like he is a step above the rest ;) His smiles and baby coos are so precious!

We have had a very gloomy month. It was like the week he was born we had a few nice days and then the wind and rain and gray decided to settle in and stay a while. It's been the pits! It's hard to pull yourself out of the gray funk but my business keeps me busy and motivated, and I've started exercising as of last week. I'm on day 10 of my 21 day fix and this morning I weighed myself - I'm officially back in the 140's! 149.9 but still! From 170 I will take it. I'd like to lose another 15 pounds, but I think it would be awesome to lose another 20 or even 25 - I would be so skinny! But I don't know if I REALLY want to be that skinny step at a time. I got beach body on demand for Justin for Christnas and I've been using that program - after 21 day fix I am considering doing 80 day obsession.

In other news, Emmett is binky free! He has graduated beyond his pacifier. Last week we decided it was the right time because we were all adjusted with baby and I didn't want to wait any longer. He went from sleeping 12 hours straight at night and a 3 hour nap (sometimes 3.5-4) to waking in the night and less nap time but now that it's been a week he is getting back with the program. I re-read "Why Gender Matters" which was a great refresher on how to treat boys and girls at different ages, especially in terms of discipline. I do not want to be a wimpy and permissive parent! It's something I have to be constantly thinking of - day in, day out, day over.

We blessed Logan last week and had Justin's family over for burgers that Sunday. We had our yard done and bought hanging plants which really make our house look so fabulous. I love it!

Emmett likes to come sit in my lap these days - so cute.