Thursday, February 15, 2018

February Update

An update on Emmett! He is changing so much. Some fun things that are new for him:

  • he went from 30th percentile to 65th percentile for weight in about 2 months time - his 12 month pants have gone from slipping off his bum to way too small! 
  • he will say "I pooped," walk over to the diaper drawer, pull out the diapers and wipes, and come over to me with them like, "Ok, do your job." Hilarious! After changing a diaper, he will take it to the trash and throw it away for you! Who is this kid?
  • he is a great eater - loving that while it lasts! 
  • he is a great sleeper - hoping that continues when new baby is born!
  • he is obsessed with outside. When we open the back door to go outside he runs to his stroller, gets himself situated and looks up at us like, "I'm ready, let's go!"
  • he loves animals. On our walks he points out all the dogs (doggie!) and llamas (mama!). I know - random - there's a llama farm 1/2 a block from our house.
  • he LOVES books! I'll sit on the couch and tell him, "Go get a book let's read" and he will go to his bookshelf, pull a book, come sit in my lap and flip the pages pointing to everything. We will do this with all kinds of books up to a half-hour.
  • he can hear a wrapper from a mile away so don't even try to hide it.
  • he is obsessed with belly buttons - especially mine! He points at my belly and says "baby!" he likes to point out any and all babies - ones in books, real life, on TV, whatever. I wonder what he will think of his little brother!
  • he is FAST! he loves to play chase and hide and seek with Justin.
  • I walk with him when we run errands more than I scoop him up to carry him - getting him ready for when my hands have another baby in my arms - and he will reach up and hold my hand. It is THE cutest thing.
  • bedtime is always a joy - by that time of the day we are all ready for him to be in bed (this kid is HIGH energy!) so after Justin gets him dressed I rock him and sing primary songs and pray over him. Sometimes he even falls asleep in my arms and it is precious, sacred time. 
An update on Justin!

  • he has been working for Aaron for a month and a half now
  • they anticipate having inventory ready to start making sales in April
  • Aaron went to Cambodia last week and has his manufacturing connections all lined up
  • Justin's biggest responsibility right now is getting the website *perfect*: ready to receive orders, submit to Cambodia peeps, getting product shipped, etc.
  • he works sun up to sun down! Part of me misses when he would come home at 4:30/5:00 and be DONE for the day, but I mostly love having him work from home.
An update on me!

  • I am 38 weeks pregnant
  • I was having tons of contractions back in January, but there has been zero, nada, zilch happening as far as contractions go
  • I see my midwife every week - next week she will check to see if I'm dilated at all
  • I've gained 30 pounds so far
  • I'm at that stage where **gasp** in 3 weeks I could actually have a baby and not be pregnant anymore! Whaaat? You seriously forget that your body doesn't look/feel like this all the time. I am excited to be able to tie my shoes again
Happy Valentines Day! Justin and I went to lunch that day with is parents for a double date.

at one of my parties - I'm still rocking away at my Mary Kay

late morning snoozes

one of my consultant's had this cake made at her debut party ... insane!

ha - toddler life

don't bring around a cloud to rain on his parade!

Justin capturing those candid moments

38 weeks

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Christmas, Idaho, and Atlanta

So much to update on! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

For Christmas this year we hosted James and Bonnie, Justin's brother and his wife who live in Georgia. They have a little boy just a few months older than Emmett, and those two hit it off! They had so much fun playing together. I have some really cute videos of these two playing together.

We had a Christmas miracle this year with snow beginning Christmas Eve and a white Christmas! We played in the snow the next day. We did some other activities with the Roses like going to the new Star Wars movie, playing wally-ball,  going to a kid play zone, that kind of thing. On the 23rd we all got together for food and games and Justin's parent's house. Christmas Eve we hosted everyone and I made Mom's Christmas dinner (ham instead of turkey) and we did her program PLUS we do Christmas songs with chimes. Christmas day we went to Jon's house to open gifts and had Christmas breakfast. That night we opened our gifts for each other - I got Justin some home lifting weights which is perfect now that he's not going to the gym at his work every day, and I also got him a new outfit. Justin got me some new exercise shoes and a new phone. I switched to iphone and have really hated it but am more reluctant to go through the hassle of returning it than to deal with its inferiority to android **sorry not sorry apple lovers - you just don't know any better ;)

Somehow we managed to stay entertained for the week between Christmas and New Years - New Year's Day we went to Seattle and it was so beautiful and clear! I don't think I've ever been when it has been so pretty - the Olympics were to die for!

Justin has started his new business venture and is doing well. He is very busy, but I am loving our new life! I love that he doesn't get up AS early anymore - he still gets up early and I would normally love to get up early with him but man I am growing brains and lungs over here and I need my sleep! - and I love to take short breaks here and there with him to take Emmett to the park or go for a walk. I also love to leave the napping baby at home and go run errands! That part is pretty sweet. And it will be nice to have him home when baby boy comes in just 6 weeks (whaaat?!).

We decided to plan a trip to Idaho because with the Christmas season in December I was really missing my family. My niece had her farewell for her mission planned in January, so we booked our flights. We also booked the same hotel my parents stayed at so we could get some good quality time with them. Friday morning we BARELY made our flight. It was so stressful. We totally cheated and moved when we were half-way through general screening to pre-check and made it to our gate with just 4 minutes to spare before they closed the cabin door! I kept saying to Justin "We are not going to make it!" and I am usually the optimistic one - he even said he'd never seen me so stressed! Well we most certainly would not have made it if we hadn't used my "pregnancy privilege." Mitzi saved the day by meeting us for breakfast and kneaders that morning before Mom and Dad showed up. We had lunch with the Cannons plus Mom and Dad, then dinner that night with The Brats and Mom and Dad. I got to meet Keaton's little girl Violet and she is soooo cute and super chill. He is moving to Illinois for a new job so it was great to be able to see him and Amanda before we hardly will ever see them!

Saturday all the Beals (almost all) met at Golden Corral for lunch and those who could attended a session in the new Meridian temple. It is a joy to be in the temple with family for sure. That night we had pizza downtown and then Justin and I made the arduous trip home with a cranky toddler who hadn't slept properly in 2 days. Oh how he screamed as we got ourselves onto the plane but I held him in a vice grip until he calmed down enough to pass out. Thank goodness!

We flew home Saturday night because I had already booked my flight to Atlanta a couple of months before for Leadership. So after getting home at midnight, Justin (bless him) turned around the next morning at 3:30 to drive me back to the airport. It was a long day of traveling for me, but I got lots of extra sleep with the time change. Our conference went Monday-Wednesday. We ate at Pitty Pat's one night which had the most amazing ribs EVER, and James and Bonnie came in to Atlanta to have dinner with us the 2nd night. Wednesday everyone's flights were either canceled or delayed due to the weather, and I was grateful to be part of the crowd to just have a delayed flight. Getting through security was the craziest experience ever. They had lines all the way from the screening area, through the food court, and around the baggage claims. It was insane. After some stomach-churning turbulence, I was so grateful to finally be HOME! I came home to a sick baby however, and at 8:30 he had a fever of 104. Thankfully the medicine brought his temp down so I could go to sleep without worrying about taking him to the emergency room.

The one thing I love about long flights: lots of time to study/read. I was able to finish and start two books I got for Christmas by my favorite author John Maxwell.

So yes! Lots to update on. Baby boy's head is down as of last week, and I am having lots of contractions - way more this time around than what I remember with Emmett. My legs are also experiencing lots of pain similar to the pain I remember my legs having while I was in labor with Emmett ... so something wonky is going on with me because sometimes I can hardly walk. My guess is something is pushing up against a nerve somewhere because sometimes it only affects the top of my legs and other times it's shooting all the way down. Not fun! But other than that ... we are doing well and are so blessed and grateful to Heavenly Father for our amazing life!